Noguchi and Stewart (2014)

The sqlite3 database contains 4 tables: instruction, choiceset, participant and trial. The first two tables, instruction and choiceset, contain the materials used in the experiment: the instruction table records text messages presented at each trial, and the choiceset table records values of alternatives. The other two tables, participant and trial, contain the collected data: the participant table records whether participant was enganged in the task, and the trial table records participants' responses. The R script shows how to load the collected data onto a single data frame.

Data (sqlite3)



The R script uses the following libraries:

RSQLite (

Hmisc (

dplyr (

tidyr (

ggplot2 (


The article is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. The other files are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. If you find the data or the script useful, please cite the above paper in your work.