Decision Field Theory Calculator

This calculator implements multialternative decision field theory as reported in Roe, Busemeyer, and Townsend (2001). The example R code implements the model for the similarity, attraction, and compromise effects. Pressing "run" submits the code to R and generates predictions, or you can edit the code for your own choices. Predictions appear at the bottom of the output page, and give the probability of selecting each gamble in each choice.

Full source code for the model is available, with worked examples.

Thanks to Jerome Busemeyer for his help with this implementation. You can download several matlab versions from his web page.

You can attach data from an external file, though you do not need to do so for the default example. The file should be a text file, with white spaces delimiting the fields, and column headings beginning with a letter and containing only letters, digits, and '.'. The data file is stored as a data.frame in X, and the variables within X are attached. For example, for the data file below, X$a=c(1, 4, 7), and a=c(1,4,7).

a b c
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

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